Frequently Asked Questions

What is THE CODE?
THE CODE is like your remote control to the entire sbe lifestyle platform. By becoming a member of THE CODE, you will get highly customized experiences, special room rates, anticipatory service, and exclusive access to match your tastes, sensibility and lifestyle. The more you play, dine and stay, the more THE CODE learns about you to give you even better service. Players at SLS Las Vegas will be able to receive complimentary rewards, credits and slot play, while enjoying their favorite slot and table games.
What's THE CODE Casino Players Program all about?
Casino guests that enroll in THE CODE will be able to earn complimentary services, enjoy special prices on rooms, receive invitations to special events, access the most exclusive parties and concerts, and benefit from personalized service. You can earn complimentary rewards, credits and slot play, while enjoying your favorite slot and table games. Every casino player will receive a CODE card.
Where do I sign up for THE CODE card?
There are a few ways to sign up for THE CODE:
    At SLS Las Vegas:
  • THE CODE Desk
  • Front Desk
  • Designated Kiosks on Casino Floor
  • Casino Cage
  • Concierge
  • Slot Floor Person
  • Table Game Pits
Where can I use my CODE card?
Currently, CODE cards can only be picked up and used at SLS Las Vegas in the casino, hotel, restaurants and nightlife venues. Your CODE card can identify you as a CODE member at any sbe venue. CODE cards will soon connect to the entire sbe lifestyle platform, and you will be first to know when it does.
How will I be recognized as a CODE member?
You can pick up your CODE card at SLS Las Vegas. For all other sbe venues, please save your confirmation email that includes your CODE ID for proof of membership.
Do I have to be 21 years old to join THE CODE?
You may be 18 years old to sign up for THE CODE to receive sbe benefits. You must be 21 years old to redeem SLS Las Vegas CODE member benefits and must show valid identification in order to receive your card.
How do I earn slot points?
By using your CODE card you will receive 1 slot point for every $1.50 coin-in on reel slots and $5 coin-in on video poker machines (limited specialty video poker machines earn 1 slot point for every $15 coin-in).
Do my points expire?
Once your points are earned, they are transferred right then and there into CODEplay, which will expire in 18 months from earning.
What is CODEplay?
CODEplay is free slot credit awarded to players to be used while enjoying their favorite slot machines at SLS Las Vegas. CODEplay cannot be used on Wide Area Progressives like Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks.
Does CODEplay expire?
CODEplay expires 18 months after the date of issue, unless it's received through a promotion with a designated expiration date.
What is CODEvault?
Any unused CODEplay will be stored in your CODEvault so you can continue using CODEplay as you travel to each of your favorite slot machines.
Can I earn points on Table Games?
Points are not earned on table games at SLS Las Vegas, but you will be rated on your play. Show your CODE card to your table game dealer and you will be rated on your average bet and the amount of time spent playing.
How do I receive complimentaries?
All complimentaries are based on rated play associated with your personal CODE account.
If I use my earned slot points on the machines, do I still qualify for promotions?
Yes, you still qualify for special promotions since they are based on play, not points.
How can I view my point balance?
You can view your point balance on any slot machine as your earned CODEplay or at THE CODE Desk where a representative can provide you with a breakdown.
What is a PIN?
This is a personal identification number that you need to access your CODEplay or CODEvault. You will be set up with a PIN when you first sign up for THE CODE at SLS Las Vegas. If you forget your PIN, don't worry! A CODE Desk representative can help you reset it with a valid ID.
If I lose my CODE card, do I need to sign up for another one?
No, a card can be reprinted from the original account at THE CODE Desk at SLS Las Vegas or a designated kiosk on the casino floor.
What happens if I end up with two different CODE numbers?
THE CODE Desk can merge your two accounts together, though we can't complete the merge until the end of your visit.
How can I update my CODE account information?
Visit THE CODE Desk at SLS Las Vegas or edit your account online at THE CODE Edit Profile.
How do I access and update my account online?
After your CODE sign-up has been completed at SLS Las Vegas, you will receive an email to activate your account online with your CODE ID and email address. Or you can directly visit THE CODE Account Activation page and enter your CODE ID and email address to log in online and access your account.
Do I get anything for my non-gaming spend?
Expenses charged to a CODE member's room at SLS Las Vegas may potentially receive complimentaries based on casino play. In the near future, THE CODE will be connected to all of sbe's lifestyle platforms. View all ongoing CODE benefits here.
How can I learn about promotions and events that I qualify for at SLS Las Vegas?
You may contact Casino Marketing Reservations at 855.761.7877 or visit THE CODE Desk.
How do I redeem my CODE benefits?
As a CODE member you will receive your CODE benefits primarily through email. In order for your ongoing CODE benefits to be applied to upcoming reservations or experiences, please email the following:
For all additional questions call 855.761.7877, visit us at THE CODE Desk at SLS Las Vegas or send us a message via our contact form.
Does my CODE membership get me perks at any non-sbe venues or destinations?
While CODE members are not currently offered any additional benefits from non-sbe partners, they do receive exclusive promotional offers and special event invitations across the entire sbe Collection. THE CODE will continue to expand with new offers from more venues within the sbe family in 2015. You can view a full list of ongoing CODE benefits here.
Is the sbePREFERRED Friend or Partner program still active?
The sbePREFERRED program and its benefits have been retired as of December 31, 2014. We have a new program - THE CODE - which will give you access to the best offers and promotions across the sbe Collection. You can view the benefits here.